Action Matches at NTSA

Currently at NTSA we are holding Carbine Matches, Action Pistol Matches (USPSA-based), Steel Challenge Matches (not registered) and a rimfire version of the Carbine Match.  On the rare occasion of a 5th Saturday in a month there is generally an Action Shotgun match that is similar to the Carbine and Pistol matches but using shotguns (and sometimes shotgun/pistol combinations).  Check the club calendar for specific match dates.

Click the images below to see descriptions of the matches.  Scroll down to the form if you would like to sign up to receive email announcements and results of the action matches.


Action Pistol Carbine Steel Challenge 

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Use the form below to be added to the email lists.  Match announcements and results are sent before and after each match.  Email lists exist for Pistol, Carbine and Rimfire matches.  Sign up for as many of the lists as you are interested in.    

NTSA Action Match Mailing Lists

Sign up to receive match announcements and results. You may select any or all of the lists. Announcements and results for the Carbine Match and Rimfire Carbine Match will be sent to the Carbine list, Action Pistol and Steel Challenge to the Pistol list, and Action Shotgun matches to both Pistol and Carbine lists. If you later would like to be added or removed from only certain lists, click the 'update profile' link at the bottom of any list email. You may unsubscribe from all lists at any time by clicking the 'unsubscribe' link at the bottom of any list email.

Carbine Match
Pistol Match
Rimfire Match