Action Pistol

Action Pistol                        

Shoots are held every 3rd Saturday of the month.  Be sure to check the calendar for any last minute changes.


Registration ends at 8:30, safety briefing begins at 8:30, and the match starts after the safety briefing.  You must be present for the safety briefing to shoot.


Guests (non-members) are welcome at the match, but must stay with the match. Before and after the match, guests are not allowed to be unaccompanied on club property. If a member will specifically sponsor the guest, the guest may use the ranges after the match under the supervision of the sponsoring member.


The match is essentially USPSA with one or two minor rules exceptions (notably the scoring of passthrough hits), and uses USPSA scoring in Practiscore.


We use Practiscore for pre-match registration.  The match is marked 'private' in Practiscore and cannot be found with a search, the link for sign-up is emailed out on Monday morning in the week of the match.  If you would like to receive the match announcement/results emails, please sign up for the mailing list using the form found here on the web site under 'Action Matches', here:

Squad sizes are set relatively small at the beginning of the week to help keep balance between squads, and may be increased or decreased through the week as needed to support the number of shooters signing up.  If you cannot get on the squad you prefer, email the match director (reply to the match announcement email) with your request and every effort will be made to accomodate the request.  As much as possible shooters are not moved from the squad they sign up on without prior contact from the match director, but a level of balance must be maintained to keep the match flowing smoothly and reduce backups between stages.

We shoot 5 stages. Bring your favorite pistol, revolver or pistol caliber carbine and join us for some fun. Everyone is welcome and we promise you will have a safe and fun time on the pistol range. 


If you never have shot this type of competition, come on out and play.  If you would like to observe a match prior to participating you may come out and watch (you must still sign in but there is no fee).

Match fees are $10.00 for members and active law enforcement/military, and $20.00 for non-members.



As specified in USPSA rules.  Ammunition must be appropriate for use on steel targets for safety and to prevent damage to the targets. 


Shooters will be divided into divisions based on the gun used.  We are using the official USPSA divisions, as shown in the USPSA Competition Rules in the 'D' appendices.  The rules can be found at:

Shooters may only compete in one division with one gun for one score.  Exceptions may be granted by the match director in special circumstances.

Additional divisions may be created for special circumstances at the discretion of the match director.

Power factor is used, on the honor system.  Power factor is determined by multiplying bullet weight in grains times velocity, with the result then divided by 1000.  A result of 165 or higher puts the shooter in Major power factor, anything less is Minor power factor.  PCC class is always scored as Minor.  Power factor affects scoring on the targets.  In major (only in divisions that allow major power factor), target hits of A/C/D are scored 5/4/2, while minor is scored 5/3/1.

Scoring is USPSA scored using Practiscore, with results posted on the NTSA web page after the match. 

Exception to USPSA rule: pass-through hits do not count in situations where two (or more) targets are touching each other, except as shown in USPSA rules regarding breaking target perforations.  If targets are separated by a gap, all holes in all targets are scored.

150+ rounds of ammunition (each stage will require 32 rounds or less to complete, most stages are unlimited, fire as many rounds as you feel you need to).

Eye and ear protection, a cap with forward facing brim and appropriate footware are required for all shooters and observers.

NTSA Club Policy for Action Pistol Matches

This list is not all-inclusive and will supplement (and in some cases over-ride) rules found in the offical rule book.

The first and most important thing at any shooting event is safety.

Cold Range Policy: A cold range is on in which all firearms are carried in an unloaded condition.  The only time the firearm can be loaded is under the direct instruction of the RSO with the 'load and make ready' command. 

There are only two (2) occasions in which the shooter may handle their firearm.

1. On one of the active pistol ranges (not in use for the match).  This will generally be Pistol Bay 2, which will be open for casual shooters during the match.  This is not a safe area as used in many other matches, it is a hot range where shooters may put on/take off their gear, function test, etc.  Carbines are to be carried in a case, pistols are to be holstered or bagged.

2. Under the direct supervision of the Safety Officer.

Shooters may handle ammunition at any time.  This means magazines, speed loaders, and moon clips can be loaded on the match ranges as long as the firearm is not handled.