Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge (not registered)                        


Shoots are held every 4th Saturday of the month. Be sure to check the calendar for any last minute changes.


See below for a link to the offical rules.  Steel Challenge is often compared to drag racing on steel.  Each stage is comprised of 5 steel targets.  One target is designated as a stop target and must be shot last, while the other 4 targets are shot in any order leading up to shooting the stop plate.  Each stage is shot 5 times (strings) with a time recorded for each string of fire.  The score is the aggregate of the 4 best times (the slowest time is dropped out).  The match takes a minimum of 125 rounds of ammo, which is what the shooter will expend if they never miss a single target (a worthy goal but quite optimistic).


We use Practiscore for pre-match registration.  The match is marked 'private' in Practiscore and cannot be found with a search, the link for sign-up is emailed out on Monday morning in the week of the match.  If you would like to receive the match announcement/results emails, please sign up for the mailing list using the form found here on the web site under 'Action Matches', here:

Squad sizes are set relatively small at the beginning of the week to help keep balance between squads, and may be increased or decreased through the week as needed to support the number of shooters signing up.  If you cannot get on the squad you prefer, email the match director (reply to the match announcement email) with your request and every effort will be made to accomodate the request.  As much as possible shooters are not moved from the squad they sign up on without prior contact from the match director, but a level of balance must be maintained to keep the match flowing smoothly and reduce backups between stages.

The signup in Practiscore also includes Categories.  Many shooters will not fall into any particular category and will leave it blank, and it does not affect scoring, it merely gives the shooter an opportunity to compare scores with peers in the same category if desired.


This match allows for up to two guns/registrations per shooter.  Steel Challenge rules dictate that a shooter cannot shoot two guns in the same division, and may not shoot their two divisions back to back.  As this match is not registered this is not enforced.  If you would like two shoot two different guns in the same division, or shoot the same gun/division twice, you may do so.


Registration ends at 8:30, safety briefing begins at 8:30, and the match starts after the safety briefing.  You must be present for the safety briefing to shoot.


Match fees are $10.00 for members and active law enforcement/military, and $20.00 for guests (non-members). 

We shoot 5 of the 8 official Steel Challenge stages. You can view the Steel Challenge rule book that explains the match and see the stages at the official web site:

Because these are the official stages, shooters can compare their scores to those posted in the national matches and see where they rank as compared to the 'professionals'. 


The divisions are listed in Appendix A of the rule book. When you sign up on Practiscore, the divisions are abbreviated as follows:
ISR - Revolver, iron sights
OSR - Revolver, optics
PROD - Centerfire pistol, production
SS - Centerfire pistol, single-stack
CO - Centerfire pistol, carry optics
OPN - Centerfire pistol, open
LTD - Centerfire pistol, limited
RFPI - Rimfire pistol, iron sights
RFPO - Rimfire pistol, optics
RFRI - Rimfire rifle, iron sights
RFRO - Rimfire rifle, optics
PCCI - Pistol caliber carbine, iron sights
PCCO - Pistol caliber carbine, optics


There is a division for pretty much anything you would want to shoot, excluding rifle calibers and shotguns.  This is a great match to break out some of those 'safe queen' guns that don't often get out to play.  Ammunition must be appropriate for use on steel targets for safety as well as to prevent damage to the targets.

If you never have shot this type of competition, come on out and give it a try. We will make sure you have a safe and fun time.  If you would like to observe a match prior to participating, feel free to come and watch one (you must still sign in but there is no fee).  This is a great introductory match for new shooters or those that have not shot any sort of competition before, and is a great way to introduce younger shooters to competition shooting.  If you have a youngster that you would like to bring, you must accompany them at all times and may stand with them to coach and assist while they shoot their stages.  Any reasonable concesions will be made to allow them to participate and get their feet wet in match shooting.  This match is also a great opportunity to bring a spouse that may like to shoot but is intimidated by competition and spectators, it is very relaxed and low-stress and can be a great family experience.

NTSA Club Policy for Action Pistol Matches

The first and most important thing at any shooting event is safety

Eye/ear protection and a hat with forward facing brim is required for all shooters and spectators, as well as appropriate footwear.

Guests (non-members) are welcome at the match, but must stay with the match.  Before and after the match, guests are not allowed to be unaccompanied on club property.  If a member will specifically sponsor the guest, the guest may use the ranges after the match under the supervision of the sponsoring member.

Cold Range Policy: A cold range is one in which all firearms are carried in an unloaded condition.  Unloaded not only means the chamber is empty, but no magazine in the firearm and for revolvers the cylinder must be empty.  Rifles/carbines must be carried in a bag or case, pistols must be holstered or bagged.  The only time the firearm can be handled and/or loaded is under the direct instruction of the Safety Officer, and only after the 'Make Ready' command has been given. 

There are only two (2) occasions in which the shooter may handle their firearm.

1. On one of the active pistol ranges (not in use for the match).  This will generally be Pistol Bay 2, which will be open for casual shooters during the match.  This is not a safe area as used in many matches, it is a hot range where you may handle guns, amunition, function test, etc.

2. Under the direct supervision of the Safety Officer.


Shooters may handle ammunition at any time.  This means magazines, speed loaders, and moon clips can be loaded on the match ranges as long as the firearm is not handled.