FALL 2008 Horny Toad Handicap Trap Shoot

    October 18 2008


Congratulations to all the winners.  We want to thank all the participants for making this a successful shoot.  We also want to thank all the help we had in making this shoot run smoothly.  Target setters, sign in desk, score keepers, squad hustlers, and house loaders we thank you.
We look foward  to next years NTSA trap competions.   Frank Hughes Trap Chairman


  Our Horny Toad Handicap Shoot was a  great success.  We had 25 shooters shooting for 5 yardage buckles.  The weather could not have been better.  We started shooting at 10 a.m. and finished with awards about 1 p.m.  The winners were

Dean Westerman       19 to 20.5
Sam Voss                 21 to 22.5
Bill Lafferty                23 to 24.5
Gunter Knight            25 to 26.5
Bob Klauer                 2 7          

AA Singles       Al Sturdivant

A   Singles       Sam Voss
B   Singles       Mike Turner
C   Singles       Bill Enders
D   Singles       Grant Bergman
Lady Singles    Joneel Harris
Jr     Singles     Chance Petersen
Vet  Singles      Bob Carmichael
Sr Vet Singles   Gunter Knight
19-20 1/2          Josh Walding
21-22 1/2          Mike Turner
23-24 1/2          Gus Myers
25-26 1/2          Fritz Shanz
27                    Jim Foster
Lady                Jerri Webb
Vet                  Sam Voss
Sr Vet              Gunter Knight
AA                  Jeff Webb
A                    Ron Cunning
B                    Tad Riney
C                    Phil Barry
D                    Grant Bergman
Lady              Joneel Harris
Vet                 Bob Carmichael
Sr Vet            Gunter Knight
D HOA           Grant Bergman
C HOA           Joneel Harris
B HOA           Gus Myers
A HOA           Travis Haren
AA HOA         Ben Dobson
High Over All  Jeff Webb

We had a great shoot with 50 shooters in bright 90 degree weather.  Many thanks to Gunter Knight, Ben Dobson, and Bob Carmichael for their help in making this a successful shoot.   We also need to thank Joneel Harris, Angie Powell and Susie Hughes for score keeping and its organization.  We also want to thank all the field score keepers stepping up.   Most of all we want to thank all the Contestants for their participation in making this a successful event.  See you all at the Horny Toad Handicap shoot in October.(date has not been set yet)