Sporting Clays Operating Procedures

Before using the sporting clays machines, you must go through an orientation with a range officer or a board member.  This orientation will cover the rules for shooting sporting clays and the operation of the machines and the release systems.  These orientations may be conducted individually or in groups.  It is preferred that you attend with a group for efficiency.  Group orientations will be scheduled and posted on the web site and the bulletin board in the club house.

 If you have been through the orientation but the machines are covered when you arrive, you must have a range officer or board member place them in service. 

Traps may be moved and/or adjusted only by the persons with specific authorization from the Range Manager or Skeet/5-Stand Chair.

Do not attempt to shut down and cover the machines when you are finished shooting.  This must be done by the range officer. 

If you have been through an orientation, these are the rules which apply: 

  1. No targets will be shot unless the shooter is inside the shooting cage.  Guns must be open and empty prior to entering the shooting cage.  Once in the cage, the barrel must be placed through the window and pointed downrange before loading and closing the gun.  The first shooter is allowed 1 look see pair.  All other shooters shall observe this pair and they may not call for another look see pair.
  1. If you get 2 broken targets in a row, the shooter should stop shooting and advise the range officer. The range officer will investigate the problem.  Do not continue to throw targets to clear the machine.
  1. Once finished shooting, the shooter must pick up his/her empty hulls.  They may be kept or placed in the trash barrel.