Delinquent Memberships


The Board of Directors continues to be asked to reinstate members who have been terminated for non-payment of dues. 

 The By-laws state that:

  1.      Annual Membership Dues are required to be paid on June 1st

2.      If dues are not received by July 1st , the membership becomes delinquent and all privileges are suspended.

3.      Non paid memberships will be terminated at the first Board meeting following Aug 1st.

4.       This Board has decided to hear appeals at the September Board meeting.  Beyond that point, there will be no exceptions made.

Most memberships are lost because the member does not maintain a current address and phone number with the club.  Each year, an inordinate amount of time is spent by the Board and others, trying to locate delinquent members.  Please update your contact information when it changes.  It may save your membership.