Trap Shooting at NTSA

Here you will find information about trap shoots at the club, events, scores, and many other things.

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April Club Shoot

I want to thank everyone that came out today for the April Club Trap Shoot. It was a tough day to shoot but we still had 24 shooters. Thank you! Thanks for everyone who chipped in and helped make it a successful shoot. Thanks again to Joe Altom for sponsoring the food.

The shooting results for all shooters is posted under the 'Match Results' tab.  Summary of results: Singles A class Mike Strong/Ray Duke Tied 46 (Mike shot an impressive 25 strait on the west field!); B class Mark Hannah 39; C class Greg Stewart 33; Over 80 Larry Brooks 36; Juniors Andrew Briner 29. In Handicap the short yardage went to Greg Stewart 35, mid yardage Mike Strong/Gary Anderson tied 36, long yardage Paul Bowers 39, over 80 Larry Brooks 34, Junior Miles Tantelo 16. In Doubles A class Paul Bowers 41, B class Ray Duke 39, C class Scott Stewart 39. Paul Bowers shot high overall with 124.

Thanks again for the participation! Ray
March Club Shoot

Trap Shooters, thanks for the turnout today! We had 24 shooters and they all came hungry! It was a challenging day of shooting with the wind but I think everyone enjoyed the shoot.

I want to thank Paul Bowers for arriving early and getting the trap houses set up and tweaking them through out the morning, and getting the scorers set up! Thanks Bob Klauer and Tony Fox for helping Paul with the scoring. Thanks to Paul's wife Rosalee who baked the wonderful cakes for dessert. Thanks to Don Jones for helping set up for lunch and Mike Hupp who always shows up and quietly helps a lot. Thanks to Johnny and Jimmy McClure for buying the brisket! I already have volunteers for April and May lunches. Thank you Mike Schaneman, you are such a great help. And special thanks to Olivia Tantalo for taking all the pictures and last but not least my wife Jane who does whatever is needed to help make it a success.

Results Summary (click here for the full results page)
The singles results are as follows: Singles Class A Joe Altom and Tony Fox tied at 47,Class B Johnny McClure won with 41,C Class was won by Tony Wolford with 41, Charles Stewart won the over 80 class with 40, Andrew Briner won Junior division with 37 and Sandy Smith won Lady's with 37.
The handicap results are as follows: Joe Altom won the long yardage with a 43, Mark Hannah won the medium yardage with a 41, Tony Wolford won the short yardage with a 38, Andrew Briner won the Junior division with a 34, Charles Stewart won the over 80 with a 33 and Sandy Smith won the Lady's division with a 32.
The doubles class A was tied by Joe Altom and Paul Bowers with 45, class B was won by Tony Fox with a 44 and class C was tied by Johnny McClure and Will Stewart with a 34.

Joe Altom won Champion High overall with 135.

Congratulation to all our winners!!

Thanks everyone see you in April!


Trap shooters,

Thank you for coming out for the 50 Bird Singles Veterans Day shoot (pictures below).  We had 17 shooters of which 9 were veterans.  It was a nice clear warm day to shoot, but the south wind did provide for some tricky targets.

William Stewart, grandson of Charles Stewart, won the veterans class with a 47. There was a three way tie in the open class between Mark Hannah, Johnny McClure and Gary Anderson with 45's. Gary won with the longest initial run of 10 birds. Congratulations Will and Gary!  I want to give a big thank you to Paul Bowers who paid for all the veterans clay targets rounds that were shot today, along with setting the traps and scoring. Thanks also to Joe Altom for scoring along with Mike Hupp who stayed at the club all day to help as needed. Many thanks to Larry for your work keeping our traps full. We all had a good time and plenty of hot dogs!

Remember the next club shoot is Saturday March 17th at 9:00am. I will be sending an email with all the particulars early next week. Hope to see you there!



First 2018 Club Trab Shoot

I want to thank all the shooters that came out for our first club shoot.  It was a great start to a year of club trap shooting. 
We had some first time club shooters and some of our trap shooters that haven't been shooting in a while come back and shoot. 
It was a good day for shooting considering it is early February! 
I want to thank Paul Bowers for getting out early and setting the traps for singles and doubles along with scoring.  Additionally I want to thank Tony Fox, Rich Hatler and Bob Clower for scoring.  I also want to thank  Don Jones for helping me get everyone signed in, classified and squadded.   Thanks to Dan Tantalo for providing the drinks (Pepsi products) for the lunch and Olivia Tantalo who tooks pictures for us that will be posted on the web page.
Summary of Results
Full results can be found HERE
  Singles Class A  Mike Barrow(first time to shoot a club shoot) 47, Class B John McClure 45, Class C Greg Stewart  42,  Over 80 Charles Stewart 40.   For Handicap Short Greg Stewart 41,  Medium Gary Anderson 44 and Long John McClure 43,  Over 80 Charles Stewart 36.  Doubles  Class A Paul Bowers 45,  Class B Ray Duke 41, Class C Gary Anderson 41. 
Champion High Overall:  Paul Bowers 130

Thank you Mike and for those that help him keep the houses loaded with birds!  Remember March 9th Veterans 50 Bird Shoot.  See you then.  Thanks Ray 

Some photos from the event - click HERE for the full photo page!




Pre Club Shoot for our Young Shooters

On Saturday, January 27th, 2018 we held an event for our younger shooters.

I want to thank the young shooters that came out to shoot!  We're expecting to see them at some of our club shoots.  They all did great!  I want to especially thank Joe Alton and Paul Bowers for working with the new shooters.  I want to thank Mike Huff for donating some shells to the cause!  I can safely say for all involved that we had a good time.

Thanks, Ray Duke, NTSA Trap Chair